Cross-fading feature in Squeezebox2

  • SteveByers

    SteveByers - 2006-07-14

    I have been using mvpmc for about 6 months now and have really been happy with it. 

    I am wondering if it is possible / how much work is involved to get the cross-fading feature to work?  I assume the reason why the slimserver web interface doesn't show the option is because it the mclient is emulating a version 1 player?

    Thanks for a great product.

    • Rick Stuart

      Rick Stuart - 2006-07-14

      You're the first to ask for it.

      So, what is it?  And where is it done?

      The FAQ at slimdevices isn't a lot of help.  It hints that the Squeezebox does it.  In that case, we are probably out of luck.  That is, from my perspective, I would have to uncompress MP3s so I could manipulate the actual samples (multiply them by a volume index, add them together then normalize them).  Right now I am having problems trying not to repeat the first several seconds of the first track played. On top of that, I would probably have to manipulate the local buffers and lie to the server saying I am done playing the current track - please start sending me the next track.

      If the server is doing it - then the feature should be available.  How is it invoked?

    • SteveByers

      SteveByers - 2006-07-14

      I read somewhere on the slimdevices website that the crossfading setting is supposed to be in the Player Settings menu under Audio settings, but it isn't there.  That may imply that it is not in the server itself.


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