Add to end of playlist button?

  • Bryan P. Pourciau

    Under the old scheme, the green button used to add a selected song or album to the end of a playlist.  Now, the green button toggles shuffle modes.  Any hints?

    • Rick Stuart

      Rick Stuart - 2005-11-02

      Wow, you guys are quick to pick up on my fickled button assignments!  I was just trying to assign the most useful features to the limited number of buttons we had on the remotes (well, the old one anyways).  I figured if you were going to organize a play list you might do it on the web page.  And when I spotted the shuffle feature I thought it would be great to have on the remote. 

      Right now the Red button turns on / off (enables / disables) the server.  The Green button cycles through shuffle modes.  And the Yellow and Blue buttons control the volume.  The volume should also be controllable using the newer remote's volume buttons.  The Mute does what it says - later I may  tie this into the server.  The Menu pulls you back to "what's playing".  The >> button and the >| (aka skip) button both forward you to the next selection.  The << button takes you back to the beginning of the current selection.  The |< button cycles you through different repeat modes. The "OK" and Play both translate into play.

      So, I believe that leaves "sleep", "size", "brightness", "jump to search menu" & "add" functions out.  Now, there are several buttons that are not used - but it might be confusing if I used them for these missing features.  They are Record, the "nothing" button, Full & Go.

      Why don't we try to assign "add" to the Go button?  That's close.

    • Bryan P. Pourciau

      >  Wow, you guys are quick to pick up on my fickled button assignments!

      But of course!  mclient is an awesome app, and I have been using it alot.

      > I figured if you were going to organize a play list you might do it on the web page

      True, but sometimes I like the option of doing an "ad hoc" playlist with the remote.  I am listening to one song and that inspires me to listen to another, so I go select it and add it to the playlist.

      > Why don't we try to assign "add" to the Go button? That's close

      My thoughts exactly.  The Go button works for me. 

    • Rick Stuart

      Rick Stuart - 2005-11-10

      The CVS should have these button changes available later on today (2005.11.10):
      GO should now add selection to play list.
      FULL should now jump to search menu.
      "The Blank Button" should now execute the server's "sleep" function
        (complete with slow volume fade out - nice).

    • pavel_c

      pavel_c - 2007-04-26

      I trying to access mms:// video stream, by adding link to default.m3u playlist, but it recognised as audio.
      How to create video playlist ? what fromat and what file extension?

      • Rick Stuart

        Rick Stuart - 2007-04-26

        MClient is only a music player and is part of the mvpmc set of software.  If there are any .m3u files they would be delt with using the slimdevice's slimserver program.  However, as slimserver has it's own data base, I don't know if it will pick up and use a m3u file list.  You are asking this questoin in the MClient forum. Or is really messed up today.

        Even if you were not in MClient, but in the file browser, I think the file browser program will interpret m3u files as a list of audio files or sources.


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