Special Characters

  • Bryan P. Pourciau

    I was playing back a song from Bjrk earlier today and the "" was ommitted from the display inside mclient.

    Is there any support for these special characters in mclient/mvpmc?

    • Rick Stuart

      Rick Stuart - 2005-10-12

      Hum, well...  I'll tell you what I am (indirectly) doing:  I think the mclient widget will look cleaner if I can manage to use a fix width font like courier.  The scrolling looks silly - and people have been wondering what the server was actually trying to do.  So far my half hearted attempts haven't paid off.  If I can get this working I can look into the special characters.  However, we are only a client and if the server doesn't support a particular feature - well, that's all there might be to it.

    • Bryan P. Pourciau

      Well, on the web interface to SlimServer, the "" in "Bjrk" is displayed.  I have no idea if the character is actually being sent to the client, though.


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