Rhapsody upnp + Slimserver 6.5

  • atlr

    atlr - 2008-04-28

    I recently subscribed to Rhapsody.  I'd like to use the MediaMVP Media Center 0.3.4 mclient 2.1 to listen to Rhapsody stations.

    I have Slimserver 6.5 running on one machine and Rhapsody 4.0 upnp running on another.  I can browse the Rhapsody stations on the MediaMVP.

    However, when I select a station, I see an error message of "Problem: Can't open file for " and the station name.

    I'm not sure what to try from here.  Can anyone lend a hand?

    I played with Squeezecenter 7.0 for a bit and it doesn't seem to see Rhapsody upnp.

    • atlr

      atlr - 2008-04-28

      OS is Windows XP.

      • MVallevand

        MVallevand - 2008-04-28

        stuart asked that this reply be posted on his behalf

        You probably need the slimserver / squeezebox rhapsody plug in.  You can read about
        it here:



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