how to do random playback

  • scc-man

    scc-man - 2006-04-23

    Okay, running mvpmc 0.2.1 and slimserver 6.2.1 on a Knoppmyth backend.

    I can see and use mclient, but there doesn't appear to be a way to make it just randomly play songs from my music directory. What I attempt that it just says nothing playing. I can go in a play songs individually by scrolling through the list, but that's not too effective when you have 3800+ songs. :-(

    Do I have to create a playlist beforehand including all the songs for this to work?

    • Rick Stuart

      Rick Stuart - 2006-04-24


      This is really a slimserver question.  But, I'll try answering it.

      I think everything the slimserver does revolves around lists of songs. For example, a playlist or an album. When you are playing a list you can activate the "shuffle" mode which appears to randomly play titles in that list.

      For now, the "shuffle" feature of the slimserver has been mapped to the MediaMVP remote's green button (on either the large or small version). (Red is power (not really, but it pops up the slimserver clock) and the yellow & blue turn the volume up and down.)

      In the future, I might use the green button to switch control between the current 2 line mclient widget and a new full screen version of mclient.

      Not to fear, everything you can do and more with a remote you can do with a web browser pointing to the IP of the slimserver host computer at port 9000.

      You might also check for slimserver plugins that do what you want.


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