launch mclient on MVP startup?

  • Bryan P. Pourciau

    Does anyone have any tips on launching mclient automatically after startup? 

    I just purchased another MVP whose primary mission in life will be to serve up music to the big amplifier in the family room.  Controlling volume and managing playlists by "remote control" through SlimServer's interface is just too cool!

    • Rick Stuart

      Rick Stuart - 2005-11-02

      Not right now, you need to get there through the menus.  I can see adding a switch to the command line.  Like "j" for jump followed by key words like "mclient", "replaytv" and "mythtv".  Jon might go for that.  Otherwise, you could expand on Jon's configure ("-F" ) file. But to do a good job of it I think you would need to add a new item in the Settings menu like "start-up-on: main-menu, replaytv, mclient, ect".

    • Robert Heywood

      Robert Heywood - 2008-09-08

      I wanted to revisit this question; I have recently moved to the popcorn a100, but would still like to use the mvp for something and would love to use it as a headless audio source for some outside powered speakers. have there been any changes to the dongle that would allow launching mclient automatically?

      • Rick Stuart

        Rick Stuart - 2008-09-08

        Yes, just add "--startup mclient" to the list of argument in your mvpmc start up command in your dongle.bin.mvpmc.config file.

        On top of that, if you are going headless, the serial port should work with a cheap (rebuilt w/an added serial port board) IEE VFD you can get from  You just need to add another argument.  For that particular VFD it's "-d IEE16x1".

        • Robert Heywood

          Robert Heywood - 2008-09-09

          My plan is to control the mvp through the slimserver web based interface on a nokia n800 or use an addin to jriver  to control it. We will see if it works. If it does ,it will be an easy and realtivly cheap way to get some multizone audio into the house.

          • Rick Stuart

            Rick Stuart - 2008-09-09

            From the sounds of it (you posted: "multizone audio") you might be trying to synchronize multiple units.  While I think it is possible to synchronize multiple mclient sessions, I do not know if it is possible to synchronize the audio between mclient and SB units.  The problem is that the internal hardware and drivers are different.


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