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  • Steve

    Steve - 2006-01-08

    I am using mvpmc with KnoppMyth.  Although I can access my music through the mvpmc file system there are not many features.  I looks like the Slimserver install will enhance the music features, correct?  I have install Slimserver on my server but it looks like I'm far from done, I need details.  I saw somewhere that I need to run "mvpmc -c".  Is this added to tftpboot.config along with what is already there?  I'm totally lost and quite inexperienced with Linux so any other details to wake this work will be greatly appreciated.  I noticed on one of the screenshots that there was a Music icon.  Will I get this with the Slimserver setup?  This last part may be a bit off topic here but I also don't have the VNC icon.  How can I get that?


    • Rick Stuart

      Rick Stuart - 2006-01-09

      Yes, you get a lot of the features of slimserver by using "mvpmc -c". Where you put your slimserver's ip address in for  You can add this to the config file you have in your /tftpboot directory.  Music icon?  I don't remember adding in a special icon for "mclient". I think I just re-used the FileSystem icon.  There isn't a whole lot of room in this thing - remember it's only a thin client. I think if you want to get a VNC client running you need to add the "-D" option to the mvpmc command line in the config file.  Iain only had a viewer (no control over what you see) running - so it isn't much use beyond looking at what's on the screen of the VNC host computer.

    • Steve

      Steve - 2006-01-10

      I edited my config file but loose the MythTV icon if I have the mclient in the file. Currently I see: Filesystem, Settings, About, Music Client and Reboot.  If I remove mvpmc -c then MythTV is shown with the other four.  Is there olny room for five?
      How are the others removed, if needed?  Here is my config and I am running 20051026.

      rdate -s $SERVER
      mkdir /video
      /etc/ /video
      /bin/echo "Test Log" >/video/test.log
      /bin/mvpmc -M -f /etc/helvR10.fnt -s -a 16:9 -m ntsc -r /video >>/video/test.log &
      /bin/mvpmc -c &


    • Rick Stuart

      Rick Stuart - 2006-01-10

      You only want one instance / line where you start mvpmc.  But as you are trying different ways of starting mvpmc out - why not just delete all of them from your config file, turn on the MediaMVP box, telnet to the box and execute the command there.  Login as root w/no passwd.  Now you can start mvpmc with one set of parameters, see how it works, cntrl-C it and start again with still other parameters.  Further, if you NFS mount your current mvpmc executable, you can execute them for testing w/out having to re-boot the MediaMVP box for a fresh image.

    • Steve

      Steve - 2006-01-11

      Is there a place that I can find out what the different startup commands and options?  The ones I have in my config came from reading other docs or forums, I have no idea how to do it myself.


    • Rick Stuart

      Rick Stuart - 2006-01-11

      Believe it or not, the project is (I think) far from being done.  If someone bothered with a good set of documentation it would be out dated within a  month.  Mclient, for instance, might be heading for a full screen display.  You might be able to stream internet radio natively to mvpmc before to long.  And some people are still talking about getting Video Lan Client (VNC) working.

      For now look at the code and list archives - then ask.  It is actually a complex project that is very well put together.  Just try to build it!

      For your particular answer, the application ("mvpmc") will print out a help file if given data it doesn't understand.  However, this will only be apparent if you did what I said above: 1) delete it from your start up script 2) telnet to the mvpmc box after it booted up and login as root w/no passwd 3) type "/bin/mvpmc h" return.


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