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No Volume

  • ejhills

    ejhills - 2006-01-05

    So I have the mclient running on mvpmc 2.0 but i have no volume and the clock does count down the time remaining.  The clock just sits there at -3:56 with a Flock of Seaguls and no volume.

    This is my config file...
    rdate -s
    mvpmc -fc /etc/helvR10.fnt -s &


    • ejhills

      ejhills - 2006-01-05


      and the clock does NOT count down the time remaining

    • Rick Stuart

      Rick Stuart - 2006-01-06

      The volume is controlled by the server.  Pull the server's web page up (http://<server's IP address>:9000) and check if the volume is turned all the way up.  On the larger mediamvp remotes the volume can be controlled by the volume buttons.  On either the larger or smaller mediamvp remotes the volume can be controled by the (trying to remember) blue and yellow buttons???.  But that is just for mclient. The other applications control the mediamvp volume hardware directly usually through a volume menu. 

    • ejhills

      ejhills - 2006-01-06

      So this is a bit confusing for this newbie....
      Slimserver 6.2 is installed under fc4
      It Serves up Slimp3 and it shows the MVPMC as a device.

      I get audio with MythTV but not with mClient.  I can load a song and move the volume control but I get no sound.

      here is my config file

      rdate -s
      mvpmc -fc /etc/helvR10.fnt -s &amp;


    • Rick Stuart

      Rick Stuart - 2006-01-06

      Start simple...  run softsqueeze (you can start it from your web browser when you are looking at the slimserver's web port (http://localhost:9000)) on your fc4 server box and get that working.  If you do not have java installed (that's what softsqueeze is written in), try slimp3slave which is written in C.

    • ejhills

      ejhills - 2006-01-09

      It Works.....

      A new download of SlimServer and install and all is well.

      What cool software.  Internet Radio has never been easier.



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