mclient on other hardware (e.g. ps3)

  • Owen

    Owen - 2007-02-25

    Hi all,

    I was wondering how difficult it might be to get mclient working on hardware other than the MediaMVP?  For example, could it be made to work on a PS3 (under Yellow Dog)?  Or the Nokia 770 (maemo platform)?  Can it be made to run on x86 (under Ubuntu), etc...

    It seems to me that this software could well have wider appeal than just the MediaMVP. 

    BTW.  What are the major dependencies of this application ? Mplayer?


    • Rick Stuart

      Rick Stuart - 2007-02-25

      MClient is based on slimp3slave written by Paul Warren <>.  It is all written in C.  Moving it to a different platform should be no harder than moving any of the other MVPMC applications.  We have been extending MClinet a bit over the past several years.  For one thing, it now uses several slimserver ports to get it's job done. So you may want to start by looking at slimp3slave as a simple starting point.  There are other (unrelated??) slimserver clients out there.  Have you looked at slimroku?

      Er, major dependencies?  Well the IBM/PowerPC inside the MediaMVP does the mp3 decoding.  There is nothing else expected from slimserver as it processes all files to be served up as mp3s. MClients biggest job is to send the remote control commands to slimserver and manage receiving the data packets from slimserver and sending them to the MediaMVP's hardware.


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