mp3tunes and mclient

  • Jared

    Jared - 2009-01-23

    I love having the ability to use the mclient to access my mp3tunes locker.  The only problem is it needs the pc to access the mp3tunes locker so they might as well be stored locally.  I know that the Squeeze Network was created to get around this problem however mclient is unable to connect to it.
    Is anybody working on adding this functionality?
    Currently the workaround I have involves a bash script which calls an SSL enabled wget which pulls down my credentials so I can log in.  Then it generates m3u playlists based on my locker content.  The API to do all this is well outlined at  and I may pretty it up and convert it into something more robust like Perl and XML, but it would be nice to have this all just seemlessly work right from the mclient...
    Any thoughts on this?

    • Rick Stuart

      Rick Stuart - 2009-01-24

      No one has ever mentioned this.  And, as the mvpmc needs a server to boot up, I can't see this being in high demand. 

      So, if I understand correctly, you have placed your music collection on the internet and now stream back everything? 

      If this feature is that important to you, you are welcome to help in the development effort.  Everything is written in C and we are using GIT to control the source at (not  The best way to contribute is to use the user and developer's e-mail list and post git diff files there for people to review.  If someone w/developer access to the source code likes it, they may put it into the load line.

      However, I think the most asked for MClient feature is FLAC. And that flies in the face of streaming as it requires more bandwidth than may be available to most of us.

      • Jared

        Jared - 2009-01-24

        Though I do appreciate the offer to modify the mclient source, I tend to avoid C like the plague.
        However I did write the Perl/XML version of my script which generates m3us from your MP3Tunes Locker.
        Now I can save power by booting up the mvp from the pc server, then shutting it off until I have to reboot the MVP again (which is rare).
        It separates files into individual m3u playlists which you can browse in the mvp filebrowser and they start playing immediately.
        The other big advantage of this is that you can easily play these playlists from anywhere (e.g. from your work machine as it uses just basic HTML lists)
        If anybody is interested in my Perl script, I can post/email it...

        Even if you don't use my script, there is also a web interface on the MP3tunes site with a built-in flash player.
        Though it has many bugs and is written in Python, you do get 50 gigs of online storage for free so you can't beat that deal.  It also has a standalone "LockerSync" client which auto-uploads files from your home machine to their servers.  It also automatically downloads cover art, has other nice features, and integrates well with the squeezebox/mclient.  So again, I'll say it is well worth investigating for those interested...


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