Rick Stuart - 2005-10-30

Joseph Carter wrote (in the list, yea I know, this is the forum)....

I've been using the new music client and it's been working nicely with the
older releases. I've picked up a recent nightly build (28th Oct) and now
the mclient "screen" keeping jumping between the music and what's playing.
This is making it almost impossible to use via the remote.
Is anyone else seeing this - or is it just a niggle in that particular

Joseph, the server looks at the MAC address to tell the difference between different clients (not the IP address).  The old version of mclient always said it had a MAC of 0.0.0....0.  So all instances of mclient looked the same.  So, now that we fixed that, you have to use the server's web interface and delete the old instances of clients with bogus MAC addresses.

I don't know if you will pick up on this answer in the mclient forum...  sorry about that...  I don't have access to my e-mail so I can't use the list right now.

I don't normally look at the bug list...  But I think that if there were mclient issues Jon would bring it to my attention...