Numeric key [2] bug in mclient.c

  • Bryan P. Pourciau

    It seems that keys [1] and [2] are defined as having the same ir code.  From mclient.c (from CVS 10/9/2005 12:00pm CST):

        case MVPW_KEY_ZERO: ir = 0x76899867; break;
        case MVPW_KEY_ONE: ir = 0x7689f00f; break;
        case MVPW_KEY_TWO: ir = 0x7689f00f; break;
        case MVPW_KEY_THREE: ir = 0x76898877; break;

    • Rick Stuart

      Rick Stuart - 2005-10-10

      They do!  And they do in the original code as well. Let's take a look at the PERL slimserver code:

      0                                               = 76899867
      1                                               = 7689f00f
      2                                               = 768908f7
      3                                               = 76898877 2 should be 0x768908f7.  Good catch!

      CVS doesn't look sharp this morning, I'll try to get that change in later...thanks!

    • Rick Stuart

      Rick Stuart - 2005-10-17

      Hi Bryan...

      I have checked in a change to get the "2" key working on the remote.  Sorry that took so long.

    • Bryan P. Pourciau

      Thanks for all your hard work, Rick.  Your efforts with mclient have me on the lookout for more MediaMVPs primarily for use as a music client.

      mvpmc rocks!


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