Quick install method for windows

  • FreeMatt

    FreeMatt - 2006-03-13

    For those running windows that want to have a quick look at mvpmc without installing all the dhcp & tftp stuff, here's a quick method to get up and running:

    Install the Hauppauge supplied MediaMVP server software.

    In the "Hardware" subdir rename dongle.bin to something else.

    Drop in the mvpmc dingle file as donlge.bin .

    Power off and on the MediaMVP.

    When it displays a black screen on your TV, telnet to the mediamvp (ip is in the log files, or check your DHCP server), login as root (no passwd) and type:

    mvpmc &

    You should now have the mvpmc menu on your TV.

    The downside to this approach is that you can't use a .config file to start up mvpmc, set up mounts and so forth, but as a quick and dirty install to have a play and see if mvpmc is for you, this is about as easy as it gets...


    • dnastrain

      dnastrain - 2006-04-10

      For my question I'm assuming the MediaMVP supplied server software acts as BOOTD...

      Any plans to make the dongle.bin try to TFTP to both the DHCP server, and the BOOTD server (if different), so that all users (not just WinTel ones) could leave their DHCP configuration alone, and run BOOTD and TFTPD on a different box?



    • Idi U. Kurac

      Idi U. Kurac - 2006-04-17

      Does this work on the newer releases of the MVP?  Just got one from Hauppauge last week, and neither this nor the Windows how-to methods work.  I do get an address assigned by DHCP Turbo, but it doesn't look like it's booting from the new dongle file

    • Joe

      Joe - 2006-05-21

      I also cannot get the MVP to grab the new dongle file. I suspect something has changed with the MVP boot sequence. I tried both the detailed DHCP Turbo approach and the quick-and-dirty dongle substitution method and neither work. It's a pity, I was really hoping to try this out :(

    • Joe

      Joe - 2006-05-22

      Just adding a couple of links indicating that the new Rev H (mine is H2) MediaMVPs work different and that it has required changes to GB-PVR:



      As of today, their config notes for interacting with the MediaMVP (http://gbpvr.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Config/MVP) state:

      "If you have a MediaMVP Rev H series, you should not try the GBMVP.bin image yet. There are some incompatibilites."

      I'm not sure any of this is of any use other than to point out that some other groups are aware of the problem and are developing ways around it.


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