dongle.bin.config problem w/less MVP (H3)

  • aruba

    aruba - 2007-05-19

    I have a wireless (H3) MVP. I installed the Hauppauge supplied software on a windows PC and managed to configure the MVP properly including wireless, WEP etc. I was able to confirm that everything was working by watching a video.

    I then proceeded to install mvpmc by using copying the latest build (dongle.bin.mvpmc-20070519) to "dongle.bin"
    in the "C:\Program Files\Hauppauge MediaMVP\Hardware" folder. On rebooting MVP I can confirm that the new "dongle.bin" is loaded. I can telnet to the MVP and start mvpmc manually.

    However I created a simple "dongle.bin.config" file but I cannot get MVP to recognize it, whatever method I try!

    The last method I tried was to create a windows share on "c:\mvpmc" and create the "dongle.bin.config" file in that folder (as described here\). The file is VERY simple and only has one line in it "mvpmc &" , but it will not start mvpc automatically. I don't know what I am doing wrong. :(

    Does the file need to be in PC format? I saved it as a UNIX file using Textpad.
    Do the commands need to be terminated by a ";"? I have seen various different configs!

    I also tried copying "dongle.bin.config" to the same folder as "dongle.bin" but that does not work either.

    ANY help would be appreciated!



    • MVallevand

      MVallevand - 2007-05-19

      There is a lot of information on using the share method of loading dongle.bin.config here


    • aruba

      aruba - 2007-05-21

      OK, the issue was with *windoze* not setting up the share properly.
      So I have managed to get MVP to read the dongle.bin.config using the windows share method!

      The problem now is that when I mount an NFS share, I cannot see any video files from the GUO. That is I have created an NFS share called /vids on my ubuntu box. When using the mvpmc script /etc/ to mount this NFS share I cannot see any files from the GUI.
      If I open a putty session on the MVP and do an "ls /vids", I can see the files. The files I have are all DivX vids and have the .avi extension.



      • MVallevand

        MVallevand - 2007-05-21

        You need to look at the wiki or search the archives on how to setup mvpmc and vlc.  mvpmc only plays mpeg, mp3, ogg, and flac files without vlc.



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