Excessive errors in DVArchive

  • Ryan Herbert

    Ryan Herbert - 2006-01-09

    When running a MediaMVP with DVArchive, DVArchive tries to connect to the MediaMVP to get a channel guide.  Since the MediaMVP doesn't listen on port 80, DVArchive generates a bunch of errors trying to connect, which ends up sending me an e-mail every couple hours.

    How difficult would it be to add a simple HTTP server that will respond and basically say that the MediaMVP doesn't have any shows recorded?  And how many people use the MediaMVP with DVArchive?

    • John Honeycutt

      John Honeycutt - 2006-01-09

      There is a HTTP server running on mvpmc to keep
      dvarchive happy. You should not be getting DVA error messages.
      The only issue I know of is you turn mvpmc off via the remotes power button while in the
      replaytv menu. For this case mvpmc will shutdown
      without broadcasting SSDP bye-bye's and DVA will complain.
      This issue is fixed but not in the latest release.
      The issue can be avoided by backing out to the main menu before doing a mvpmc poer off.

    • Ryan Herbert

      Ryan Herbert - 2006-01-09

      Ahh, that's probably it, then.  I'll make sure I go to the main menu before shutting off, then.  Thanks!


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