Poor playback of ReplayTV and DVArchive

  • dcole

    dcole - 2007-01-17

    I have an H3 model MVP, running the nightly build (loading dongle.bin via windows hauppage loader).  It successfully sees both my ReplayTV and DVArchive, but when I try to play videos from either one, the playback is unwatchable -- blank screens, stuttered playback, frozen screenshots, etc..  When selecting a video, there will be a substantial delay and then the most I get is about 1 second of watchable video before it will freeze. 

    I've tried adjusting the chunksz variable via the commandline but it doesn't seem to have any effect (is there a way to verify the chunksz has been changed?). 

    My initial thought was my Replaytv drive was too full (80%), but since the problem occurs with files from DVArchive as well, it seems something else is probably responsible.  Everything else seems to work since I get as far as seeing the devices with no problem, so I'm not sure what else to look for or other debugging tests to run.     The chunksz adjustment is the only fix mentioned for problems of this kind. 

    thanks again!

    • David DiGiacomo

      David DiGiacomo - 2007-01-17

      What kind of network connection do you have to the MVP?   With an 802.11g link, I can only play "standard" quality ReplayTV MPGs without stuttering.  Medium & high quality have the problems you mention.

      • dcole

        dcole - 2007-01-17

        There's no wireless involved (on that segment of the network at least).  Windows server, ReplayTV and MVP are all connected via a 100/10 switch (I have wondered about the reliability of this switch, but I assume in theory it should have better performance than a simple hub).  Also, all of my files (at least those I've tested) are the 'Standard' quality Replaytv files.

    • dcole

      dcole - 2007-01-19

      I've just been reading up on the possible hard drive incompatibility issues some people have encountered.  I replaced the drive in this unit with a 120 GB drive a while back and don't recall the brand (likely Maxtor or Western Digital though).  While I've never had a problem using the ReplayTV directly, is there a chance this drive could be causing the lag which only manifests itself when being viewed over the network?  I'm reluctant to tear the Replay apart and try another drive on just a whim.  Also the fact that the MVP playback lags/freezes when playing from DVArchive leads me to believe the problem lies elsewhere than with just the Replay. 

      I still suspect something with the network, although all devices seem to find each other fine.  The RTV, Windows PC and MVP are all connected via a Linksys 8 port 10/100 switch (EZXS88W).  Wonder if this could be the culprit?  I picked it up from the clearance pile at MicroCenter and have never fully trusted it.

    • dcole

      dcole - 2007-01-20

      Figured it out -- turns out I had a bad LAN jack.  But only just bad enough to cause bizarre lags without a total network outage, or any other obvious clues to the problem (network status LEDs remained lit, for example).  Time to invest in a network tester, perhaps.

      Anyway, upon changing to another jack, MVP played from Replay just fine.


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