Windows for Dummies Cheesy ReplayTV Install

  • Roadranger

    Roadranger - 2008-01-17
    • ziggygt

      ziggygt - 2008-01-18


      Thanks for summarizing the instructions. I have it sort of working. It complains about the time not being within 40seconds and w2ill not serve the video. It sees the DVarchive just fine and that works well. I do not understadn how the time server is supposed to work. I do not know the syntax for the time zone. I am in chicago. When I change the CDT string to CST nothing changes. The system time seems to stay at a date in 1970. The config page never seems to update when I hit get time. Please help me understadn how this time set works.

    • Roadranger

      Roadranger - 2008-01-18

      You do not need to set the timezone - The ReplayTVs don't seem to care about it being right. The inportant part is the timeserver. Use as it works for me. I have not found any others that work! Follow the steps exactly even if some of them seems foolish. The web interface is buggy and requires some extra steps as I documented.

    • Dordav

      Dordav - 2008-04-02

      Works great!


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