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  • ziggygt

    ziggygt - 2007-12-29

    I hope someone that has this working can please help me out.
    I have a network that has 5 5xxx replay TVs and two DVarchive servers, I run Windows XP.
    The MVO I have is D1, a second is D3 (so no flash right)
    I installed the MVPMC 0.3.4 release:

    1) I unistalled the Haupauge MVP software
    2) Reinstalled the latest version of the Haupauge software.
    3) Replaced the dongle.bin file with the mvpmc version
    4) System rebooted. The new software is loaded of the MVP
    5) Select the ReplayTV scheme
    6) Turn the Dvarchive system on
    7) Tell the mvpmc sw to load the Replay server on startup by checkng the box
    8) Press back/exit to the top level screen
    9) tell mvpmc to reboot, after systems reboots
    10) select the emulate option
    11) I get the stock MVP screen??

    What am I doing wrong? Where is it finding the stock code? I saw the note on telling is to do a dvarchive discover for the command line, How do I get to that?

    • Roadranger

      Roadranger - 2008-01-17

      To get the "ReplayTV" option to appear you have to point your webbrowser to the MVPMC web setup page. Find its IP address on your DHCP server, usually within your router's setup webpages.

      Enter an RFC-868 compliant timeserver in the "Time Server:" box (like = time.mit.edu). Contrary to the documentation you CANNOT use most NTP servers (especially pool.ntp.org) as they don't usually respond to obsolete RFC-868 TIME requests.

      Check the box to the right of "ReplayTV".

      Click into the "Screen Capture:" box.

      Click the "Update Config" button.

      Click "Return to configuration".

      Click the "Restart" button which is bizzarely located in the "Internet Radio & Playlist Setup" section. You DO NOT want to do a reboot as you will reset everything! You can also do a restart from the remote by powering off and back on with the top green button.

      After it finishes restarting, use the "back" and "refresh" buttons of your webbrowser and click the "Set Time" button.

      Click "Return to configuration".

      Refresh your webbrowser again and make sure the system time under "Status" is correct except for hours. You do not need to set the timezone as it doesn't seem to matter if the hours are off.

      Select the "ReplayTV" option on the main menu on the TV and away you go!


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