mpeg-ts and blank screen

  • Jan Vilhuber

    Jan Vilhuber - 2007-04-25

    Hi there!

    I'm trying to play some HD content recorded with mythtv, and it's mpeg-ts, if I see things correctly. Based on a packet trace, I can see mvpmc reading the file from the myth server (lots of traffic), but the screen remains blank (green, perhaps). I understand that this MAY indicate that mvpmc does not understand the format (is mpeg-ts i.e. HD mpeg2?). I have VLC set up as a server, and if I try to play an avi file from nfs, it goes to VLC and has it transcode it successfully (very cool feature, that!!).

    So: How can I get mvpmc to go to VLC to transcode the HD content to something it can display? I don't really care if the OUTPUT is HD (which it can't be anyway.. neither the mvp nor my TV do HD natively), but I'd like to at least SEE it.

    Any help or suggestions? I've tried the latest firmware from today (dongle.bin.mvpmc-20070424).


    • Rick Stuart

      Rick Stuart - 2007-05-20


      I haven't done this (well, maybe once) so use this as a starting point and take further questions to the mvpmc user mail list...

      The mvpmc box just can't handle HD data.  I believe there is a BW issue.  That said, what I believe people are doing is making symbolic links to their videos in the mythtv directory but using the extensions "avi". Now, when mvpmc asks for the videos, it is believed it will not understand them (being "avi"s) so VLC transcodes them to a lower data rate.

      I think this is a pain and would really like to see MythTV automatically do this (decide to transcode based on client type).  There are several ways around this that could be or are being developed.  I think gmyth might be able to ack as sort of a pipe to do the transcoding - but this is (I think) very alpha.  You might also look into more expensive thin clients like those based on the Sigma Design chip set.  These are able to handle the HD and even have HD outputs.  However, there is not direct support between MythTV and these clients.  How Sigma Design clients currently works is that MythTV has a basic UPNP interface that can serve up videos.  The current version of MythTV's UPNP is broken w.r.t. audio files.  While using this UPNP interface you will notice there isn't any commercial skip and complex operations like scheduling are not possible.


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