Several bugs in 0.3.4 / MythTV - howto help

  • Michael Arlt

    Michael Arlt - 2007-11-26


    I used the several daily builds of mediamvp and 0.3.4 together with mythtv 0.20.2.svn20071021-0.2 and an earlier version (all from for debian etch) since 1-2 months.

    All mediamvp-versions have the same problems:
      - sound and vision jitters on some videos after approx. 1/2 hour
        multiple * record button or the other red button doesn't help
        pause for approx. 8 seconds helps for 4 seconds but longer pauses do not help longer
        stop and a new start with quickjump (1-9) to a scene before the jitter
          lets me see the scene without jitter
        no - the server has no problems... idling around
          0-2 % cpu and 0 blocked io (vmstat)
      - mediamvp reboots often
        - every time on a specific keypress ("guide")
        - sometimes on other keypresses
          - "back" during watching a video
          - walking through the filesystem
      - livetv does not work (connecting to database is impossible)
        somebody here has the same problem
        i don't use a firewall - with mythfrontend an a pc all works fine

    All these problems do not occur using mythfrontend.

    I can reproduce the same problems except the reboot during walking through the filesystem (i don't use it often) with 0.3.4.

    I am not a C-developer but i would like to help to remove the problems since mediamvp is a cool application!

    How could i help?


    • Tom Metro

      Tom Metro - 2007-11-30

      I'd recommend reposting your message to one of the mailing lists:

      which is where the developers are.

      Several of the symptoms you mention I haven't seen. Some may be related to the recent audio sync changes. I (and hopefully others) will elaborate further if you repost on one of the lists.



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