Using 20060806 dongle crashes MythTV backend.

  • vdb

    vdb - 2006-08-19

    I was wondering if somebody has noticed this behaviour: I have started to use the dongle of August 6, 2006, and it works nicely for me since I figured out how to serve the dongle.bin.ver and dongle.bin. The emulation with the Hauppauge gives me a way to view my AVI collection, and the MythTV recording option can show me my TV recordings. However, it seems that sometimes when I view the recordings it crashes the mythtvbackend software.

    Since the backend runs as a daemon I don't get any console log errors, it just stops. Restarting it works nicely and all is well, but it's not what I would expect. Perhaps the crash occurs when I power down the MVP while watching, perhaps the backend crashes because it can't output the stream when it's not properly exited?

    Anybody else seen this before?

    • josh

      josh - 2006-10-29

      Mine is having the same issue...anybody have any solutions?

    • bluenose

      bluenose - 2007-01-13

      My myth backend was also crashing.  The fix was using NFS rather than the Myth protocol to communicate the video.  This is an option of mcmvp using the -r flag.


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