Filter recording groups not updating

  • rick steeves

    rick steeves - 2010-05-03

    I've used generally the same recording groups on mvpmc for some time.   Many moons ago I removed the XMas group from MythTV.

    Well, I just went to add a new Recording group, and then went to see if I could filter on it on the mvpmc. I noticed that a) the XMas group is still there, and b) the new group isn't showing up.

    I've rebooted myth, and soft and hard rebooted the two mvpmcs, to no use. MythTV is correctly showing the recording groups that I have selected, my the mvpmc is still showing one extra (Xmas) and one missing (my wife's, so somewhat important!) :-)

    Any suggestions? I'm running the mvpmc binary from 12/31/2009


  • Tom Metro

    Tom Metro - 2010-05-03

    …the XMas group is still there, and the new group isn't showing up.

    If you have a mechanism in place to store settings persistently, the recording groups will get saved/loaded from the settings file. That would explain why your obsolete group might be hanging around.

    In my experience, new groups are picked up automatically as soon as you go into the show browser, which retrieves the current list of shows. If you are starting up and going directly to the setup screens, you wont see the new group. But when you return to the setup screen after entering the show browser, it should be there.

    Generally, I recommend that you post follow-up questions to the mvpmc-users mailing list, where you will reach a wider audience.



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