Could newer MediaMVP run mythfrontend

  • John Donaghy

    John Donaghy - 2007-12-19


    First let me say that mvpmc is awesome. The developers have done an amazing job figuring this stuff out. Mvpmc is the sole reason I bought the box.

    However my wife loves the scheduling guide in Windows MCE and cant tolerate a noisy computer in the living room. So I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to wean her off MCE.

    I read somewhere that the H3 revision of MediaMvp has more memory than previous versions so I opened my H3 up, got the serial number of the memory chip, looked it up and discovered that apparently it has 128Mb. (I could be misinterpreting the chip's documentation but it did seem to imply that.)

    I also read that in the past some adventurous people were able to cross compile mythfrontend using Qt/Embedded down to about 13Mb but they couldnt get it working properly on the MediaMVP cause there was hardly anything memory left to work with.

    So my question is this... if there really is 128Mb on the H3, might it be possible to get the full mythfrontend running on that version of the MediaMVP?

    If so, does anyone know how to go about trying?

    Thanks, in advance...


    • Rick Stuart

      Rick Stuart - 2007-12-19

      Wow, ... hum, wouldn't think it possible w/o major changes w.r.t. code interfacing w/mediamvp hardware or w/ibm drivers.

      Anyways, you probably want to post this to the developer's e-mail list.  Most everyone hangs out on that or the users list:

      FYI: In case you were going to do any developing, make sure you are using the GIT repository at  The CVS repository at has not been used in ages.

    • John Donaghy

      John Donaghy - 2007-12-19

      Thanks for the quick response. I'll post it to dev list then.

      I knew about the GIT repository thanks... I might well have a go at making some changes when I get a bit more time.


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