Louis Chen - 2003-10-08

Hi I followed the instruction to check out the files as anonymous but got the following errors:

In D:\MyProjects\Private\mvnforum_latest: cvs -q checkout -P mvnforum

cvs checkout: Empty password used - try 'cvs login' with a real password

cvs [checkout aborted]: authorization failed: server cvs.sourceforge.net rejected access to /viewcvs.py/mvnforum for user anonymous

Error, CVS operation failed

Tortoise Tip: Sometimes you get this error if you have the repository folder wrong in the Checkout dialog. Make sure you have a slash at the start of the folder name, and that the case and path are correct. Watch out for spurious trailing characters.

Examples are: "/cvsroot", "/usr/local/cvs-repository", "/cvsroot/cvsgui"

I am using TortoiseCVS. What should I do to be able to download all the source files?