Dinesh - 2006-10-18


I am looking for BB which would support following of my requirements. Just curious to know whether mvnForum supports them.

1. Ability to create, view and reply to topics (based on new events) at a group level

2. Email Notification to individual Group based on updates to threads.

3. Facility for users to do a "Reply All" (from Blackberry/outlook mail server) and this reply
   should be appended to current thread in the bulletin board system. i.e., when a user gets a mail
   notification, and when he replies to the thread, that should be appended to the original thread
   in the discussion forum.(user need not manually log in to the forum and then post his comments)

4. Ability to integrate with external systems over web services or direct database access.

5. Functionality of a Calendar system.

6. Entitlement Capabilities at group level along with ability to interface with Enterprise LDAP.
   i.e., does it have any LDAP plug-in?

Dinesh G