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Version 1.3.0 for maven 2.0.5 and maven-plugin-plugin 2.3

The new version supports the new Extractor architecture of maven2 and now maven anno mojo is "javaanno" in your plugin extractor.
This version works only with maven 2.0.5 and above and maven-plugin-plugin 2.3 and above.

Posted by Fred Simon 2007-05-23

Annotations processing with transitive dependencies

The new 1.2.2 version supports transitive dependencies for the annotations processing phase. So, the plugin generation will use all annotated MOJO in all jars that are compile or provided scope (no support for system scope).

Posted by Fred Simon 2007-02-06

Stable version for 6 months

After 6 months of stability and great service the version 1.2.1 based on will be the base for JDK 1.5 Maven plugin development.

Posted by Fred Simon 2007-01-28