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Re-release of Win32 executables

Released package for Win32 executables was not working properly on all Win32 platforms... This should be now solved.

Posted by deurk 2007-07-25

MVDSV 0.27 released!

Get your brand new revision now :D

Posted by deurk 2007-07-20

MVDSV moves to subversion

MVDSV switched its repository from CVS to SVN. Update your pointers ;)

Posted by deurk 2007-07-20

MVDSV 0.26 (build 2666) release

This release was compiled for the following platforms:
FreeBSD 4/5/6 i386, Linux GLIBC 2.1/2.3 i386, Win32 i386.

Download from:

* qqshka
- added PEXT_CHUNKEDDOWNLOADS, we support only this FTE's extension, at least atm.
- added framework for FTE's protocol extensions, however here no checkfteextension() or something like this.
- added 'airstep' user cmd, toggle pm_airstep, blocked in ktpro.
- allow pm_airstep server variable, with value 1 you can run/jump over stairs, but you loose some speed still.
- changed QVM API version to 12, G_FINDRADIUS worked now and also added G_MAKEVECTORS, both actually coded by SD-Angel, also i've add G_NEXTCLIENT which is similar to G_NEXTENT but G_NEXTCLIENT just help me walk over spawned clients fast
- changed QVM API version to 11 due to i've add G_CMD_TOKENIZE, g_strlcpy, g_strlcat... read more

Posted by disconnect 2007-04-09

New CVS release: mvdsv 0.19.25b build 2352

- improved byte order support: supported byte order: little endian 1234, big endian 4321, pdp endian 3412 (middle endian?)
- optimized byte swap functions for i386 arch, therefore no more support of i80386 - require i80486 or newer (Anybody use i80386 for runing mvdsv? :-))
- gas2masm was modified: .386P changed to .486P, added commands bswap (require 486), movzbw, movzbl, movzwl, xchgb, xchgw, xchgl

Posted by deurk 2006-06-06