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New version is almost ready

New version of Mutella is almost out. Initially I've planned to release it today, but now I changed my mind because of extremely annoing crash situation, that appeared just today for the first time. So while the actual release is delayed to undefined time I am publishing a current version, calling it pre-release. In principle it is operational. Worked for me for a week without any problems.

Any crash reports as well as just 'normal' bug reports and improvement proposals will be greatly appreciated.

Posted by Max Zaitsev 2001-11-19

BSD folks -- use CVS

There have been several modifiations made to the mutella code to compile and efficiently run on BSD systems. Thanks to Rink Springer and Vladimir N. Silyaev.

Posted by Max Zaitsev 2001-10-30

new release!

new release of mutella is out! so, what is really new?

well -- many things. i have worked on configure script and now it should be able to recognize more options and produce usable makefiles more often.

another thing to mention is MUCH improved help command. might be helpful.

asyncroneous file acces is now supported (onlt for downloads yet). this is going to be useful when your download folder is located in big but slow NFS partition.... read more

Posted by Max Zaitsev 2001-10-17

readline 4 fix

the initial relase was reported to fail to compile when readkey library version 4 is installed. This appears to be a readkey bug -- the library cannot be used in C++ file. If you've faced the situation please download 'work-around' release.

Posted by Max Zaitsev 2001-10-08

Initial Release (v0.1)

Initial version of the client has been released. Regardles of the small-looking version number it is pretty functional. It is rather stable as well -- works for days and weeks. Stability and performance though still require attention.

Posted by Max Zaitsev 2001-10-06

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