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luc racine
  • luc racine

    luc racine - 2004-02-02

    In five days of testing 24h/d, 90% of my attempted downloads(songs)failed. And since I don't understand the blinking and chunking in the upload section, I don't know if even one of my uploads completed.
    I'm ready to trade a fast but insecure transfer for a slow but safe one. I'm not ready, as it is the case with MUTE for now, to trade a completed transfer for a failed one.                 

    • Christian Schulte

      That might be due to your distance to the requested files within the mesh of users. I have especially big files with a speed of about 2Kb failing. So you have too many other clients between you and your file (at least this should be the reason if your download fails because it dropped too low in transfer rate (<1Kb or so)). To get better results you might want to consider to connect to more clients (maybe 20 if your internet access allows that). Thats not a really good solution but it worked for me very well.
      I can also recommend to try the cvs version if you can.
      (i used 0.2.2 before so my cvs version is like PRE-0.2.4 i guess)

      In future the software should get more sofisticated and this problem will vanish by itself.
      Just keep trying :-)

    • Anonymous - 2004-04-06

      1) This is the Internet. If Mute is failing due to distance this is unacceptable. It needs to work no matter where the host is located.

      2) I have run every version since 1.0 and am running 3.0 right now 24/7 I have yet to actually get a single file. It also appears 99% of the people hitting my shared (8 gig 2600 plus files) directory are failing. The only people getting anything are getting minute probably less than 20K files. All others are stalling and eventually failing. And it's sometimes taking 30 min for these people to get one of those teeny files even though it has only 4 chunks. It will sit there after giving 2 of 4 chunks forever, before resuming. 
      3) Resumed downloads are going to be essential if sharing a file is going to take this long. I got to 3% today on a file after 2 hours and then it failed. Presumably because the host went offline.


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