• Heinz N. Gies

    Heinz N. Gies - 2004-02-13

    hey I don't get the cvs version compiling =) am i just don't know how or is it not ready jet to compile (yea I know that it is not the idea of a cvs version that it runs nice ;)

    • Christian Schulte

      Yes indeed the cvs-tree is not what will run out of the box even if many cvs-trees do so :)
      I needed to get that "minorGems" directory from the normal source distribution and locate it below the cvs checkout directory. And then run something like a "./build/runToBuild" from the checked out source directory. It then asks you some questions and if "WxWindows" is installed with its development version you should get a working build.
      I dont know why but the directory structure is a bit whacky :)

      By the way the result will be located in another directory.
      Called like "MUTE_GUI_fileSharing".


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