any good downloads?

  • Lionel Zhou

    Lionel Zhou - 2004-01-17

    major problem:
    so far i have no successful downloads. and about 5
    crashes on windows 2000 in one hour.

    minor problem:
    and the size column, which is supposed to rank the
    list according to file size does nothing.

    • luc racine

      luc racine - 2004-02-02

      In five days of testing 24h/d, 90% of my attempted downloads(songs)failed. And since I don't understand the blinking and chunking in the upload section, I don't know if even one of my uploads completed. I quit.

    • adriano celentano

      Search for "source" and download the "Mute robust download.." ...
      Works better.
      You have to download the source from the site as well, and compile it, though (after replacing the right module coming from the "search")


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