Hi :)

to start, even if the code is not much commented (for info, use of /* */ or // to comment ;-), the source functionalities are well dispatched among the files and the code is easy to read ;  (as I may become a contributor, I'll try to provide the same quality of code ;-)

So... I tried to change a few things among threads and panel, and the result is quite encouraging ... however, I needed wxWindows to be installed. At first I tried the X11 version ; all building was ok but after mute was running for a few minutes my KDE x-windows froze... (a kill of the mute process from a console window melted it back :).

So I went for the gtk wx-windows.I tried first to get the new version of gtk-2.0, and the new version of glib pango atk pkgconfig xft ... as well. It finally compiled ok, but got warnings from mozilla, mute etc...
So went back to my gtk 1.2.6, cleaning the new stuff in /usr/local/lib, the links, ...a few ldconfig...
Yes, seemingly I'm back to a stable " old" version of gtk.

But, after fully rebuilding mute, I get the same warnings as with gtk-2.0 :
Gtk-WARNING **: GModule initialization check failed: Gtk+ version too old (micro mismatch)
And visibly the qtpixmap (now loaded correctly in mozilla for instance with no more warning) is not loaded from mute as the buttons look like the old X11 programs :)
Moreover, when leaving mute I get a segmentation fault in the destructor of wxVariant - here precisely:

0x403de11d in wxVariant::~wxVariant() () from /usr/local/lib/libwx_gtk-2.4.so

for probably the same reason.

Doing a ldd on each of the official binary version, and my new compiled version, the difference is that my compiled version gets a unique libwx_gtk-2.4.so while the official gets libgdk-1.2 libgtk-1.2 libXi...

Does this ring a bell at somebody who could help me - maybe the best would be to reach the same result as the official version, i.e. directly use the gtk/gdk libs without libwx_gtk... ?

Thanks for your time.