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02/01/2006 - new release

version 0.2.2 and above: radio_mode feature by nosferathoo

"If additional param 'radio_mode=true' is present then XSPF Player knows that last track of playlist is in real a new playlist location. So when one end of one playlist - another is loaded."


Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2006-01-02

09/06/2005 - new release

*Fixed RFE [ 1231709 ] Play/Pause Button
Thanks to Erik de Jonge from podnova.com for sponsoring this feature

Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2005-09-06

05/17/2005 - new releases

* Added support for the info element of XSPF playlists, see the test page at http://musicplayer.sourceforge.net/test/info-test.html for more details.
Thanks to Derek from http://www.cdbaby.com/ for the support!

* Better Webjay integration.


Fixed Bugs and RFE:

[ 1201003 ] add a link icon to the originating website of the track
http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1201003&group_id=128363&atid=711474... read more

Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2005-05-17

13/04/2005 new releases

Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2005-04-13

technology preview: Button Player

The sources for the button player are on cvs, and a preview release is also available to download.

Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2005-03-20

Unes XSPF parser

Good news for xspf actionscript developers today.

Ubes has just released a XSPF actionscript class that eases the parser and error handling:

Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2005-03-20

Button version on the way

I've been working on a new compact version that may be released very soon. You can test it at http://musicplayer.sourceforge.net/button/test.html

It have some extra features like random mode and skinning, and it is compatible with version 6 players. The nice features will be ported to the other 2 versions later.

Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2005-03-20

03/03/2005 - new release

Fixed the feature request:
* [ 1101343 ] Scrolling Song Name/Title

And implemented a liquid layout for the extended version that rearranges the album cover image position acording to the window size. For use in the Firefox sidebar.

Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2005-03-03

03/02/2005 - new release!

Fixed a big feature request:
* [ 1154401 ] playlist display
Yes! Now we have a listbox to show all the tracks!

Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2005-03-02

03/01/2005 - new release

* fixed RFE [ 1154014 ] Support for single mp3 playback
2 new parameters to use when loading a single mp3: song_url and song_title

Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2005-03-01

03/01/2005 - Development Status changed

From pre-Alpha to Alpha
Development Status: 3 - Alpha

Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2005-03-01

02/22/05 - new release

Fixed 2 feature requests:
* [ 1148605 ] ability to limit the playlist size
* [ 1148606 ] customize the default player text

Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2005-02-22

02/17/05 - new release

* Implemented feature request #1124799: Repeat playlist

Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2005-02-17

02/17/05 - Doc on how to use the musicplayer

Aldrin Hanley has written a doc explaining how to use the music player:

Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2005-02-17

02/02/2005 - new release

* Fixed bug #1101942: - volume resets to maximum upon playing a new song

* Implemented feature request #1114840 - Autoplay parameter

To use the autoplay parameter simply put an autoplay=true on the query string.

Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2005-02-02

27/01/05 - Easy way to embed the player on your page

Check out Peter Forret's Webjay Wizard, a simple and easy way to generate html code for embeding your music playlists on a HTML


Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2005-01-27

01/19/05 - How to play podcastings (RSS w/ enclosures)

Lucas Gonze explains how to use the webjay rss -> xspf conversion to play podcasts with the player:

Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2005-01-19

01/17/05 - new release

New context- menu item: "Add song to Webjay playlist"
fixed bugs:RFE [ 1103882 ] "Send to Webjay" button

Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2005-01-19

01/13/05 - new release

Current version now support the <image> node for JPEGs and has a fluid UI that resizes according with the container width. (2 braches, slim and normal)

Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2005-01-19

01/11/05 - First release

Sources from the player I am using on http://www.hideout.com.br to play http://webjay.org xspf playlists.

This version includes:

* play, next, prev, stop
* volume adjust
* context menu option to download the mp3 file
* display shows the annotation node for the current track of the xspf playlist

Posted by Fabricio Zuardi 2005-01-19