'loading playlist...' constantly

Dom Hoare
  • Dom Hoare

    Dom Hoare - 2009-01-15

    Hello, I have spent 7 hours straight tring to get this to work and now I am out of ideas. On myspace the player seems to say 'loading playlist...' constantly. Yet locally it is fine.

    I have installed the xspf player here:


    where it all works fine. however when I embed it in myspace it doesn't:

    http://www.myspace.com/hexthedex (just above 'about me')

    I have done all of the following (most twice!):

    - swf is on my server
    - swf is in same folder as xspf file and the mp3s
    - xspf validates
    - xspf is dynamic but i have tested with flat version too and no joy.
    - xspf is .php extension but I have set up the server to render .xspf dynamically too in case it needed that extension, still no joy.
    - i have tried relative,root and complete paths for playlist, player and mp3s in the playlist...no change.
    - I have searched the web to see if myspace have some kind of block, nothing noted.
    - playlist is of mimetype application/xspf+xml.



    • Brandon Rusnak

      Brandon Rusnak - 2009-01-15

      I am wondering if this is a MySpace block.  Seems that in the embed code if you view the page source there is:

      <embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowScriptAccess="never" allowNetworking="internal"...

      The allowScriptAccess="never" parameter may be what is blocking your player from being able to connect to your site / playlist.

      For more info see: http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=tn_16494

      To see if this is indeed the issue, please try uploading the player to another web site / domain, such as free web hosting or something like that, and see if it can connect.  Then play with the embed link adding allowScriptAccess="never" and see if the access status changes.

      Hope it helps,

    • Dom Hoare

      Dom Hoare - 2009-01-18

      Hmmmm... thank you for this suggestion...its a good thought but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case (good news in a way, meaning there's still hope it could work on myspace!)

      I have put the code on a blank page here, with allow script access 'always' and still no joy...


      Any other thoughts?


      • Brandon Rusnak

        Brandon Rusnak - 2009-01-19

        Try setting the allownetworking="internal" to allownetworking="all" and see if that changes anything.

        Also try placing an extra copy of the crossdomain.xml file in the same directory as the player.  Doubt it will work but might.

    • Dom Hoare

      Dom Hoare - 2009-01-22


      did all that...no joy. It must be a bug in the player i guess. Unless my server is configured to not allow flash to play remote files even WITH crossdomain...you think thats possible?  I can play the mp3s using other players. Just not this one. And i need this one cos it plays playlists.

      Thanks for the suggestions nonetheless!



    • Dom Hoare

      Dom Hoare - 2009-01-22

      just for reference this is the contents of my crossdomain...

      <allow-access-from domain="*"/>

      is that correct?

      I have checked my server and 'leech protect' is off so, that aint it either. :-S

    • Dom Hoare

      Dom Hoare - 2009-02-14

      Anyone got any helpful ideas... this still completely doesn't work :-(


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