#48 In IE, caches old playlist indefinitely

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In IE7 (haven't tested IE6), when I try to load a new playlist with the same name as an old playlist, the player reloads the old playlist.

Is it caching the playlist until i give it a new name? Can I force it?


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Occurs in IE6. Using browser refresh does not help. Closing all browser windows and opening a new one does correct the issue. Likely IE6's issue.

  • Raptor Ramjet

    Raptor Ramjet - 2008-05-24

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    This isn't just IE. It's happening to me using IE on Windows, Firefox on Windows, Firefox on Linux. I suspect the code should really check the last updated timestamp of the playlist file whenever it starts playing a song.

    Either that or put a "refresh playlist" button on the player so the user can force a refresh.

    Not a show stopper but somewhat annoying when you've updated a playlist and removed some audio files to find the player still trying to play the (now missing) files.

  • Louigi Verona

    Louigi Verona - 2008-11-05

    I have a service which allows visitors to create and update their playlists. At the moment the problem is there and quite annoying. Cleaning all browser private data never helps. Closing browser window doesn't help either. however, I have noticed that even in worst cases within 2 hours the playlist gets updated anyway. After the update for some time any changes to the playlist work fine. Then the stagnation period kicks back in and you would wait an hour for a simple title change.
    I wonder if the problem is with modern browsers with their sophisticated technology or in the player code?


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