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Alright quick rundown,

It worked one week ago on a strictly HTML website encased in frames to handle the refresh.

Now, I have ported the slim XSPF player over to a ASP.NET site placing the player within a pop-up HTML window (the same window that was the frame in the old site) off the main masterpage.

When i view the website via my localhost using the exact same playlist file as before and same the embed tags it works perfectly.

When i FTP it all up to the live site it just sits there saying "Loading Playlist..."

I figured it might be have load time issues so I removed all but one 2mb track from the playlist and I am goin on about 40 minutes now with that setup and it still says "Loading Playlist..."

I have tried a million different paths for the tracks and the playlist_url and I either get "undefined" or "Loading Playlist..."

- [Site Root]
- xspfPlayer_slim.html
- xspfPlayer_slim.swf
- xspfPlayer_slim.as
- [playlist]
- playlist.xspf
- [trackFolder]
Could you please help me out on this one? I loved the player before and after my redesign and converting to .NET it would really look great now. Any assistance would be MUCH appreciated.

Thanks Much.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Did you try checking the CHMod settings for the MP3 files? Mine by default were set wrong after I uploaded them for some reason.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    If your server is running IIS make sure the mime type xspf - application/xspf+xml is in the list... This was my fix as IIS6 was blocking xspf downloads...

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    i've been having this same issue, however mine works half the time. Any suggestions?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I am having the same problem. I can link to a specific file and it plays just fine, but if I link to the play-list, it doesn't play. I don't have access to IIS because this is a shared hosting account. Any ideas?

  • cal fellows

    cal fellows - 2008-02-17

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    Try renaming xspf extension to xml. Your server may not recognise/parse xspf. Rename both the file and the embed tag script in both places. If that don't work, remove the
    "?playlist_url=http://site.com/music/playlist.xml" completely, just to see if it will load the factory playlist. If it does, this means that you have the same problem as me.
    Good Luck...


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