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MusicKit V5.6.2 now available.

There is now a new release available of the MusicKit that will run on MacOS 10.4 through to 10.6 and GNUstep. Binaries for MacOS 10.6 Intel only are now also available. Versions of MacOS below 10.4 are no longer officially supported. Please refer to for the official list of changes, but the highlights are:
* MacOS 10.6 is now supported.
* Vector hardware on MacOS X is supported for both PPC and Intel.
* Apple AudioUnits are now built as standard in the SndKit
* All nib files (including Ensemble and edsnd applications) have been upgraded to the latest InterfaceBuilder v3.0 format.

Posted by Leigh Smith 2009-12-05

Binary for MusicKit V5.6.1 on MacOS X now available

I've recently posted a binary distribution of the MusicKit that will install and run on MacOS 10.4 & 10.5.

This includes all the optional SndKit libraries and header files. To include these properly, you need to add /Library/Frameworks/SndKit.framework/Headers to your include path when compiling. Hopefully this should simplify the installation and use of the MusicKit. Please let me know if you have problems with the distribution.... read more

Posted by Leigh Smith 2009-08-19

MusicKit V5.6.0 released

After a period that is much longer than I had hoped for, a new release V5.6.0 of the MusicKit is now available. The change log ( is huge, but the highlights are:

* Documentation ( on building the MusicKit has been improved.

* Now builds on MacOS 10.5.X Intel or PPC and GNUstep.

* No longer requires external libraries to build. The system will be built with reduced functionality (mostly impacting the SndKit) if the dependent libraries are not installed.... read more

Posted by Leigh Smith 2009-07-05

Converted to Subversion

I've now converted the CVS repository to Subversion and disabled the CVS repository. If there is a very compelling reason to continue to use CVS, I'll re-enable it, but I recommend Subversion as worth the effort to learn. This is a precursor to a release of the MK that should improve Tiger and Linux support.

Posted by Leigh Smith 2006-03-16

MusicKit 5.5.2 Released

The major features of this release is to enable compilation on MacOS 10.4.0 with Xcode 2.0 and the finicky gcc 4.0. There are a few warnings which are now generated, but the reason for not fixing them is those offending regions of the code are marked for modification anyway.

The framework (i.e API) documentation has also been converted from headerdoc to doxygen, which is much better supported. Doxygen has a C++ terminology which I've yet to discover if it can be tuned to use Objective-C terms. Documentation building is now incorporated into the Xcode and make build processes. There are still a number of warnings which are generated when running doxygen, but due to the error format of doxygen matching gcc, they can be inspected and fixed with Xcode.... read more

Posted by Leigh Smith 2005-05-16

MusicKit 5.5.1 Released

After far too long, there is a new MusicKit release. Of course, development has been progressing continuously since the 5.4.4 release, but somehow, things were always in such a state of flux that releasing a new distribution always required some extra work, and then a more pressing bug would appear, and the release would get put off to fix that and then another bug would loom...etc...

To atone for my tardiness, the new release does offer some definite improvements. The most apparent should be that the build process has now been massively simplified and modernised and the standard autoconf process put in place to allow users to get the code compiled without having to install all the dependent libraries. So ./configure; sudo make install should now work. On MacOS X, all the examples build. On GNUstep systems (Linux/Windows), only the frameworks are currently built until I can test the GNUstep build process (lacking Intel hardware at the moment).... read more

Posted by Leigh Smith 2005-04-10

MK 5.4.4 released

Version 5.4.4 of the MusicKit has been released. This addresses:

1. The SndKit is now integrated into the MusicKit source distribution and CVS repository, so there is now no separate SndKit download. This was always less useful than it first appeared, since you generally needed the MKPerformSndMIDI library anyway. This should help produce a single "make"/build operation since it now operates on a single code tree.... read more

Posted by Leigh Smith 2003-10-21

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