different sources for input & output

  • Anonymous - 2004-10-30


    I stepped over this message from may, but AFAIK there hasn't been a development yet:

    I'm a newbie on cocoa and all I want is to open an input port, receiving some midi-message to alter them and sending them back to an (other) output port.

    But I'm having problems in decoding the (MIDIPacket*)packet data, so I try to use MK (MKMidi.h), but I see that there is only one device for IN/OUT and the whole philosophy of MK seems to be counterproductive to what I intend to do.

    Now I'd need some help in either:
    - converting a MIDIPacket* into MKNotes
    - connecting a MKMidi-Object to an INPUT-port and also an OUTPUT-port. therefore I'd need access to the endpoint names.

    any help greatly appreciated!
    many thanks in adv.

    • Anonymous - 2005-01-13

      apparently nobody is ever watching this forum.

      If anyone else is stepping over this, here is my analysis:
      MK is not capable of selecting different IN/OUT endpoints.

      I haven't found any.

      I used PYMIDI.framework which did the job; also I deal directly with MIDIpackets which is more than O.K. and IMHO not more complicated than dealing with MKNotes...

      I have the feeling that MK.framework isn't any longer in development.


      • Leigh Smith

        Leigh Smith - 2005-01-13

        The MK.framework is in active development. However, only one person is doing that development - me.

        The most recent CVS repository version has code which allows selection of different input and output endpoints. This has existed in the repository since November and was mailed out on the musickit-developer mail list.

        I had hoped to finally release V5.5.0, however there have been complaints of not wanting to install all the libraries in order to link the SndKit against, so the release has to be postponed until I can produce an autoconf configuration for the MusicKit, since no one else wants to commit any time to doing any maintenance on the MK, they only want the final benefits of it.


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