Diane - 2002-09-23

I am having a terrible time attempting to install SndKit.  I first attempted to download it from musickit.org, but that version was missing a file.  I was then pointed to the CVS here at sourceforge, and in attempting to build that, I get these errors:
SndAudioProcessorMP3Encoder.h:27: header file 'shout/shout.h' not found
SndAudioProcessorMP3Encoder.h:85: undefined type, found `shout_conn_t'
Snd.m:74: header file 'st.h' not found
cpp-precomp: warning: errors during smart preprocessing, retrying in basic mode
...failed CompileC /Users/dijordan/Documents/CS MQP/MusicKit/SndKit/Frameworks/SndKit/build/intermediates/SndKit (Framework).build/Objects/ppc/Snd.o ...

I am working off a mac running OSX (10.1).
I need to get this working yesterday, so any help anyone could give me would rule.