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Project renamed! & a release to boot!

Musictag has been renamed to Musicbox! I've decided to focus my efforts on the tagger instead, now the Muine has basically fit my needs for a music player.
So, announcing Musicbox 0.2.2, almost exactly like Musictag, but with a new name!

Posted by Link Dupont 2004-04-08

MusicTag 0.2.0

MusicTag 0.2.0 has been released. :)

Posted by Link Dupont 2004-03-22

MusicTag 0.1.1

New MusicTag release. This should actually work correctly. And its cleaned up a bit. See the ChangeLog for more info.

Posted by Link Dupont 2003-11-02

MusicTag 0.1!

Its here! MusicTag has a release. It can read and write Ogg/Vorbis tags in UTF-8. ID3 tag support has not been added. This is not guarenteed to work, but it does its job (mostly). Look for more features to be added in an upcoming release.

Posted by Link Dupont 2003-08-07

MusicTag advancement

I've advanced some more on MusicTag. It now will read and write Vorbis tags. However, after the button_apply_clicked callback finishes, something causes it to seg fault in the function g_param_spec_object.

I've also applied Stuart's button functionality patch to the CVS of MusicBox. Now the buttons and playback behaves a little more sanely.

Posted by Link Dupont 2003-07-29


Well, I just got back into working on this, and I managed to get Vorbis tag reading working in 'musictag'. I still need to get writing done though (its harder than I thought).

Posted by Link Dupont 2003-07-28