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Read Me

== About ==

3SUM is an all-in-one * 3D mesh modeler,
                      * 2D image manipulator,
                      * synthesizer(one day) and
                      * 2/3D interface builder for Étoilé and Cocoa.

  It aims to build a powerful 2 to 3D programmable environment which allow
  editing several kind of contents and defining the relationships of them
  to other objective-C type. AP3 framework was made to allow 2/3D content
  editing over Threadmill framework, an NSOperation manager, which will
  define multi-thread toolsets to make use of threads as much as
  everywhere-possible. Several Étoilé frameworks are used to allow
  multi-languages scripting, built-in 2/3D UI toolkit assembling and
  constructional history manipulations.

In short, yeh it will be super cool!

== Directories ==
mus3 : 3SUM Application
test : test pool

== Build ==

You need..
 * AP3
 * EtoileFoundation

Now it only supports local build, ie. it doesn't expect AP3 to be installed.
It will also build AP3 libraries as SERIAL_SUBDIRECTORIES, ie. until some
proper configuration system is implemented.

See the BUILD_CONFIG file which contains


The AP3 directory is wherever you keep the repository checkout.
It is the directory with Version file. For an example, a modification could be

  AP3_DIRECTORY = /home/gnu/my_ap3_checkout/Version

The script is, for now, a simple solution to compile and run stuffs,
read the script for more details. Also make sure the external dependencies
were met. eg. Étoilé Foundation et al.

== Installation ==

What? Really?

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