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Work Temporarily Stopped

As the development team (me) has gone on to other programs, hopefully in aide of this program, work on this project has temporarily stopped.


Posted by FlyingIsFun1217 2007-02-16

Heavy Work, Splash Screen...

Heavy work on the program is under way...

A Splash Screen has been added. If you would like to change the image, just create a new one and save it over splash.jpg in the mums folder. :)


Posted by FlyingIsFun1217 2006-11-21

Give me input :)

I know this project is new, and I know that the (what is it up to now?) 12 people that have downloaded it have probably just downloaded it to see what it was, but please, I encourage feedback and feature requests. Not saying that I'll be able to implement them all, but hey, if I do, were not any worse off, are we?


Posted by FlyingIsFun1217 2006-11-11

New Developmental Version on the way!

I've been frantically working to add the main feature (one of them anyway) of dialogs to this project, and am nearing developmental completion (meaning that I have not implemented all of the features needed into them yet) of the dialogs, which are custom.

A release within a few hours is imminent.


Posted by FlyingIsFun1217 2006-11-11

Weekend Updates

Ad of now, I have limited time to work on MUMS, and I am still learning the workings of wxWidgets, so at best I hope to be able to update the program every weekend. This is not a guarantee, just my expectations. Once hardcore updates are taking place, I will probably not be able to update every weekend.

Again, If anybody has good knowledge of wxWidgets, would you consider helping on this project?


Posted by FlyingIsFun1217 2006-11-03

Help? :)

Hey everybody!

As shown on the main page, I'm looking for some help with the project. If you are interested, you would best have some experience with wxWidgets and of course, C++.

I have posted a help wanted ad, so if you are interested, feel free to post a reply :)


Posted by FlyingIsFun1217 2006-11-01

Project Started!

The GUI version of the project has started, with the main guts of it being worked out as I go.

If anybody is good at coding in C++ and wxWidgets, would you consider helping me out? I sure would appreciate it!

FlyingIsFun1217 :)

Posted by FlyingIsFun1217 2006-10-28

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