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Hello Mumblers! :D

I've finished translating Mumble into Hebrew. This translation is full and tested (as much as I could test). I've tested it with version 1.2.4-rc1-6-g4dcd700.
The .ts file is attached.

Have a great day!

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  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2013-03-22

    Committed as 9eee5143481e7975ff3e5346f20006953527c306
    into our after-1.2.4 branch.
    Thank you very much for your contribution!

    1017 are marked as finished,
    493 are still marked as unfinished.
    Could you translate and/or mark them as finished as well (if they are)?

  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2013-03-22
    • labels: --> i18n
    • status: open --> accepted
  • Opalium

    Opalium - 2013-03-23

    Weird, I marked all of them as finished, not sure why are they still marked as unfinished. When I open it I see it as 1510/1510 finished. Anyway, they are all fully translated, so you can mark it as finished if it's not.


  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2013-03-24

    I used Virtaal to integrate your changes to a more up-to-date ts file. So either it couldn’t validate some as finished, or some English texts changed effectively making your translations out of date.

    If you could go over them again and ensure the translations are still up to date and correct? :)

    You said they are all fully translated; is that for the current ts file?
    I’m not sure which version your ts file is based on.

    Last edit: Kissaki 2013-03-24

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