#352 Set $HOME env variable when changing uid/gid

Felix Geyer

When murmurd is started as root and with the --chuid parameter it tries to read /.config/Trolltech.conf because the environment variable $HOME isn't set properly.

Attached is a patch that sets USER, LOGNAME and HOME according to the passwd entry of the user.


  • Felix Geyer

    Felix Geyer - 2011-10-01

    Replace "--chuid parameter" with "uname=... config option" :)

  • fwaggle

    fwaggle - 2011-10-01

    Do you have a Github account? If you make a pull request over there, it's a lot easier to give/get feedback on patches and if they apply cleanly and look good it's literally one-click to merge them (though I don't know if the devs use that feature).


    The patches tracker on SF is pretty well deprecated, I don't know why we still have it. I suppose if someone doesn't have and is unwilling to get a Github, someone like me could make the pull request for them, but other than that this tracker's pretty well dead. :P

  • Felix Geyer

    Felix Geyer - 2011-10-01

    Sorry for the noise, it seems it's already fixed in the git master branch.