#344 spontaneous HideEvent fix


This patch will fix Bug #3220395.
It will ignore spontaneous hideevent signals, which are generated when the user switches the workspace or clicks "minimize" and the minimize to tray option is active.

Mumble should NOT hide itself automatically as this behaviour is not wanted (see Bug referenced above).

Side effects: User can only send Mumble to tray by clicking the tray icon, when minimize to tray is active, similar to how pidgin does it, clicking the "minimize" window button will just minimize it, not hide it.

I am not sure if this will crash on other OSs, but I am confident that it wont.

The call which causes the trouble:
QMetaObject::invokeMethod(this, "hide", Qt::QueuedConnection);
It hides the window, but one isnt able to recover it e.g. by clicking on the tray icon, I dont know why but my patch will work.



  • Maximilian Kuhnke

    *My OS is Archlinux x86_64.

  • Benjamin Jemlich

    Disabling the "Hide in tray when minimized" option should've the same effect. Removing the code for it is wrong (and breaks the function completely).

  • Maximilian Kuhnke

    Actually no, removing the code differs from disabling the "Hide in tray when minimized" option, in thus that it will still allow the user to send the app to tray by clicking the tray icon.

    Anyways I'm just trying to say that the option, activated by default, hides Mumble on a spontaneous event like a desktop switch, it is then unrecoverably hidden even when clicking on the tray icon (for me).

    I feel like its just wrong to ship Mumble with an option thats activated by default and which has a potential to behave wrong for someone.

    No offense, it is sufficient for me to turn the hide to tray option off.