Polish strings added, version check is already done, and translating the installer is a great idea, just tell me what to do.


2009/1/20 Thorvald Natvig <thorvald@natvig.com>
Hi everyone,

First of all, a late string addition to 1.1.7: When in minimal mode,
there's a way to hide the frame completely, making the window completely
borderless. This option is called "Hide Frame" and can be found in the
config menu when you are in minimal mode. This string was not present
when you all translated, so it needs to be added. Either upload a diff
to sourceforge, or send me the UTF-8 translation of just that string
(which, again, is "Hide Frame"). There's a whatsthis and tooltip as
well, but those aren't really vital. Anwyay, sorry about the extra work,
but hope you can help with this.

Second; it's now possible to translate the "version check" strings. The
one which says that a new version is available from sourceforge etc. If
you look at http://mumble.info/lang.phps , that shows the source strings
as well as a few translations that have already been added. If you have
the time to translate to your language, I would greatly appreciate it.
Just send me a diff and I'll have it applied :) Note that localized
strings will only appear if you use a recent snapshot (or 1.1.7 when it
is released).

Thirdly.. It is technically possible to translate both the Windows
installer (which would then start with a "please choose language"
dialog) as well as the Debian/Ubuntu package strings (things like "This
is Mumble, a VoIP utility blah blah"). Is this something we'd be
interested in doing? If so, should we try to have it done for 1.1.7
(which is technically complete, we're just giving it a bit of a
cool-down period so people can test the snapshots and fix any bugs that
pop up), or do we wait for 1.1.8?

Best Regards,

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