Oliver Schinagl - 2013-04-23

I bumped into the same issue and actually had to use strace to figure out what was going on.

I have a PS/2 mouse+keyboard connected and a razer copperhead via USB. The mouse also pretends to be a keyboard (for macro's etc).

This all worked fine (Xinput was used I assume) until yesterday, I decided to install razertool to configure my mouse. This package installed udev rules I assume and made the group owner 'usb'. My user is part of the USB group and now it had access to /dev/input/<razermouse>. This made mumble only listen to input events from the mouse, but silently ignored the keyboard without any error message.

A quick fix was to chgrp the keyboard to me, but that's nots not a nice solution. Removing myself from the USB group will work for now, but a better way to solve this would be very helpful.