#970 Forget last channel after x minutes/hours

Murmur (113)

Hi and thanks for awesome software.

It would be useful if murmur would have option to "forget" last channel (move to defaultchannel on next connect) after user has been disconnected for x minutes/hours. Remeberchannel is great in case of ocassional disconnects in the middle of the game, but few times now people have connected and popped in the middle of a conversation.

It's not really a problem, but i think it would be nice feature to have.


  • kautsu

    kautsu - 2011-12-05

    For example

    Person A is playing insert game here with his friends, power goes out for a minute in person A's house, person A comes back few minutes later and he is moved back to last channel when he connects. This is how it works and this is good.

    After person A is done playing, he goes to sleep. Next day person A comes back to mumble. He is moved to last channel where some random people are singing after few too many beers. This may be unwanted situation which is resolved with forgetting of last channel after person A has been offline for few hours.

  • fwaggle

    fwaggle - 2011-12-07

    I took a look at this, because I didn't think it'd take much to implement. Now I'm not so sure - I don't exactly know how to implement it correctly. Maybe a dev can chime in - I don't think setting the "last logged in" time on a ServerUser object is correct (it doesn't seem like it makes sense), and that's basically where it needs to be in order to correctly affect the rejoining behavior.

    It seems to me like to do it correctly, ServerUser needs a bRejoinChan boolean, which is set during authenticate based on the time the user last logged in. bRejoinChan is then used after we check bRememberChan on the Server object to decide whether to dump the user in the default channel or their last channel.

    The simpler way is simply to stick a qdtLastLoggedIn in ServerUser, and check that in Server::msgAuthenticate() - but as I said it doesn't seem to be an appropriate thing to be in that object.


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