fwaggle - 2011-09-10

I've done the tiniest bit of mucking around with this, and I can't see any reason it's not doable yet. pcgod raised concerns that the links in the chat log will not behave as expected (they work off of cert hashes, and will simply highlight the first user in the tree with a matching cert hash, so clicking "User [1]" could highlight "User" or god knows who). It's probably not unfixable, but that is an issue nonetheless.

I'm not sure if/when I will get around to writing the rest of the logic behind what you're requesting, but if you have the ability to compile your own server, editing src/murmur/Messages.cpp, searching for "// Kick ghost" and commenting out the immediate-next if() block will let multiple users with the same name/cert hash join from the same IP.

It gives you no way of telling them apart, and allowing them from different IPs is a bit more involved, but your idea is not not-doable. Whether such a feature would ever make it into the release builds, well that's not for me to decide. :)