#630 Phonetic pronuciation re-imagined

Mark Means

I have read all the discussion on the various phonetic user name requests. And I understand your reluctance to implement it because a person could have a phonetic pronuciation vastly different from their actual user name. However that does not address the fact that real people have real names like Chonia, which is pronounced ' SHAW nah ". This is very, very common in the South Eastern portion of the United States.

Nevertheless, I propose a server setting, which is OFF by default, to allow phonetic user name data. For those server admins which want to allow it, it would be there responsibility to police it and kick/ban users with inappropriate phonetics.

Now, as a side note, it is quite funny when TTS says "unmuted". If the text is changed to "un-muted" it would sound better.


  • fwaggle

    fwaggle - 2010-03-03

    This might wind up "wont-fix" - I suggested it ages ago and the basic issue is that because Mumble doesn't have it's own built-in TTS (like Ventrilo) and uses the OS's TTS functions. Different TTS systems pronounce stuff differently, and some do a markedly better job than others (unmuted) is a pretty good example.

    Specifying phonetic information based on the assumption of one TTS engine is probably going to break things more on other TTS systems, than just leaving it alone.

  • Daelus

    Daelus - 2010-03-25

    One of my biggest issues with the TTS Allowing people to enter phonetic spelling for their names are ignorant people who feel its best to use something that is ment to be long and annoying.

    An addition would be to make it an option that can either be removed or set by the ACL for that user.

    By this I mean you get someone who comes in and has a normal name but they throw some stupid stuff in there then who ever has permission to write the phonetic names goes in and changes the phonetics on that person.